Instagram Tip: Foodie Favorites

Posted on November 27, 2015 by Erik Maros


Images of your favorite foodie experiences continue to top today’s Instagram feeds – and with good reason. Beautiful food is an art form in its own right and what could be more fun than seeing what your friends have discovered in their local cafes and restaurants?


If you’ve considered adding your favorite dish to your Instagram feed, try this trick that food bloggers rely on for absolutely appetizing images. Simply photograph your plate from the top down to achieve the best effect. You may need to bump up the exposure and the contrast a bit in the image due to the lighting in the restaurant, which can often prove challenging. If possible, make sure to also photograph the front of the restaurant. Your post for the day can lead with that image, saving the delicious dining images for the next update.

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Getting Goulishly Great Photos this Season

Posted on October 17, 2015 by Erik Maros

Spooky Snaps: Getting Ghoulishly Great Photos


Halloween kicks off the beginning of the holiday season with kids of all ages waiting to don their superhero costumes in search of free candy. However, sometimes the hustle of the workday and juggling daily demands keeps us from capturing the evening’s events the way we had hoped. Don’t’ worry – we’re here to help! We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to help you prepare to photograph the entire evening as all the fun unfolds.


Start Early: Don’t wait to start taking pictures until everyone is already dressed and ready to hit the sidewalks–-their excitement may make them less enthusiastic about posing for photos. Some of the best photos involve candid images featuring the kids’ excitement in getting ready for the evening. Painting their faces, putting on a tiara, tying on a cape – these moments are ideal in showcasing the anticipation of Halloween festivities.


Shooting the Scenery: It’s easy to forget to photograph our surroundings when there are so many great costumes on display. With that in mind, some of the decorations needn’t take second stage. For example, for jack-o-lantern shots, make sure to zoom in close and fill the frame. The lantern is likely lit so keep your flash off as it may overpower the image and create a ‘hot spot’ on its surface. Play with interesting angles, shooting low and upward to give the effect of impending doom and added spookiness.


Gaze Through the Glass: If you have a glass pane on your front door, try having the kids look through while you shoot from the other side. Just remember to turn your flash off so light doesn’t bounce off the glass.


Make a Run for It: Consider taking a few pictures of your kids running down the sidewalk with their treat bags in tow. Make sure your ISO is at a higher setting to catch the movement and pick your perfect spot to shoot before you let them run free.


Nighttime Shots: The right flash distance can make all the difference when it comes to creating that perfect image. Most cameras have a flash that is effective somewhere between five and ten feet from the subject; just don’t stand too close or else you may find your picture looks too bright or overexposed.

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