Ikelite 6809.1 Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon D90 DSLR - New

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Vendor: Ikelite

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Ikelite 6809.1 Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon D90 DSLR - New

This Ikelite housing for the Nikon D90 allows iTTL operation with the Ikelite DS digital SubStrobes when connected to the housing's bulkhead by a sync cord. A large dial on the back of the housing puts precise exposure control right at your fingertips. The top (yellow) half of the exposure dial provides four 1/3 f/stop increments over or under flash compensation to be added to or subtracted from any compensation entered into the camera. The bottom (black) half of the dial provides seven manual power settings in half-stop increments. Other manufacturers' strobes can be used, but they cannot provide iTTL exposure or be adjusted manually through the housing.

Controls for all camera functions are provided with the exception of focus selector lock and diopter adjustment control. AE/AF lock can be activated with your thumb while holding the housing's handle. All camera modes including D-Movie and Live View can be accessed through the housing.

The housing size and weight provides neutral buoyancy and superb handling underwater. Camera installation is quick and simple. The dependable controls are conveniently placed at your fingertips and kept water tight with Ikelite pioneered Quad-Ring seal glands, one of the most reliable methods for sealing controls.

The Ikelite Super-Eye magnifier provided with the housing offers enhanced viewing while wearing a diving mask. An assortment of interchangeable lens ports allows use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses.

Lens port is not included.


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