Ikelite Housing for Sony Cybershot RX100 III IV V 6116.14

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Vendor: Ikelite

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Ikelite Housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III, RX100 Mark IV, RX100 Mark V

Housings produced after October 15, 2016, include a modification kit to allow this housing to be used either the Mark III and Mark IV camera.

Control alignment differences prevent older Mark I and Mark II cameras from being used in this same housing.

The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark IV differs from the III slightly in camera thickness. The newer Mark IV camera can be used in the previous housing version made for the Mark III, Product Number 6116.12. All controls are operable in this installation with the exception of the rear control dial, which must be set to the inactive position. The rear dial control may be adjusted for the Mark IV camera by installing a washer underneath the control knob.

This newer housing features improved ergonomics like a front-loading camera system and improved rear dial control. Continue reading for a full explanation of new features.

The RX100 Mark III can be used in this housing with the rear dial modification kit, now included with this housing. Older RX100 Mark I and Mark II cameras are not usable in this housing due to differences in lens and control placement.


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