Ikelite SA-100 Ball Joint Arm and TTL Sync Cord Single Strobe Kit 4070.01

Category: Arms & Components

Vendor: Ikelite

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The SA-100 Single Strobe Kit for Ikelite DS Substrobes consists of a #4086.61 SA-100 Arm and a #4103.51 Ikelite ICS-5 Digital TTL Sync Cord. It is compatible with Ikelite DS Substrobes for underwater photography (strobes not included). The arm provides full strobe aim with 2 clamps and a 6" (15 cm) extension. The overall extended length is 14" (34.5 cm). The arm has 2 segments, both of which have ball joints.

The ICS-5 coiled sync cord connects your Ikelite substrobe to an Ikelite TTL/Digital underwater camera housing. The strobe can be fired in TTL/auto and manual exposure modes, so long as the housing features the appropriate TTL/auto hot-shoe assembly. Otherwise, strobe triggering through the cord is limited to manual exposure.

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