Ikelite Super Wide Angle Port Body for using Lenses up to 2.6" with the Flat Assembly or 2.750" with the 8" Dome Port for 4-port & 2-port lock Housing

Category: Port

Vendor: Ikelite

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This port body works with lenses up to 2.6in in flat ports or up to 2.75in in dome ports. This port base is compatible with the new infour lockin style Digital SLR Housings.

This Port Body is optimized for super-wide lenses, and works in conjunction with either the Ikelite 8in Dome Port with Shade and Cover or the Ikelite 8in Dome Port with Shade and Cover

Please refer to the Ikelite Port Chart for Nikon or the Ikelite Port Chart for Canon for individual lens compatibility requirements.

This Port Body utilizes a bayonet style mount that requires #9072.24 low-profile port locks. These port locks come standard on all housing models manufactured since March 2006 and can be used with any Ikelite port. Low-profile port locks are not compatible with older Ikelite film SLR housings.

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