Meade LS 8" Bundle Kit

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Meade LS 8" Bundle Kit

This bundle kit includes everything you need to have enjoyable explorations of the skies. It will allow you to instantly double the power of your eyepieces, have a rechargeable field power supply for your telescope and gadgets, emphasize features with color filters, show images to your audience via a color LCD monitor, do stargazing and help pre-alignment with an astronomical binocular, and provide pointing capability with a green laser pointer.

To double the power of your eyepiece instantly, use the included Series 4000 Short-Focus 2x Barlow Lens. The lens is compatible with 1.25" eyepieces and features a 26mm aperture, 1.25" barrel, and multi-coated optics. It easily fits between your telescope's eyepiece holder and an eyepiece, and can be used with a diagonal mirror and an eyepiece.

Designed to enhance image contrast of planets and moons, the Meade Series 4000 Color Filter Set #1 includes a yellow, light-red, green, and blue filters. All filters are compatible with 1.25" eyepieces and can be easily installed by threading them into a barrel prior to mounting an eyepiece. The #12 Yellow Filter offers 74% transmission and can contrast blue and enhance red and orange features of Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon. With the #23A Light Red Filter, which offers 25% transmission, you will get an improved contrast and enhanced blue-green surface detail of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. It also improves contrast while observing Mercury on bright blue-sky background in daylight or twilight. Ideal for observing belts and fine structure of Jupiter and Saturn, the #58 Green Filter with transmission of 24% will greatly improve contrast of polar ice caps on Mars and atmospheric features of Venus. The #80A Blue Filter, 30% transmission, is well suited for studying Jupiter and Saturn and enhancing the contrast of cloud belts of Saturn and Jupiter and the Jupiter's Red Spot. It will also emphasize details of polar ice caps on Saturn and can serve as a contrast-enhancing lunar filter.

If you have an audience to share your discoveries with, or if you simply prefer a more comfortable position that does not require you bending over the eyepiece, the LS 3.5" Color LCD Video Monitor is here to help. It will allow you to watch your favorite constellations, planets, or other stellar bodies in a most comfortable position of your choice or to share the view with your audience. All you have to do is to connect directly to the telescope's integral camera using a supplied cable and power it up with the included dedicated power supply. It also has mounting bracket for easy attachment to the telescope.

Ideal for stargazing or pre-alignment, the 15x70 Astronomical Binocular is a true astronomical binocular. Despite its mighty magnification, it offers 4.4° of angular field of view and has all the right characteristics of power binocular with handy convenience features. The multicoated optics and BAK4 Porro prisms provide clear, crisp, and bright images. The binocular also offers center focusing, fold-down eyecups, interpupillary adjustment, tripod-mounting capability, and includes a cleaning cloth and a strap.




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