Norman SSB22 22" square "Pop-Up" softbox w/ inner and outer diffusion panels

Vendor: Norman

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Norman SSB22 22" square "Pop-Up" softbox w/ inner and outer diffusion panels

Norman SKU: 812703 | Helix SKU: NR812703

Norman offers square softboxes in 22X22, 36x36 and 48x48 inch sizes, to handle everything from individual portraits to full room sets. The rugged opaque outer material used on these, and all Norman Softboxes will make sure the only light you have to deal with is on the subject.

With the appropriate Speed Ring Adapter, these softboxes attach to a variety of monolights and lampheads, just like a reflector. 

Norman offers a line of patented pop-up softboxes that produce a large, soft light that works well in a variety of portrait and commercial applications. Fast, easy set-up and tear-down, and the convenient travel pouch even make these versatile softboxes a great choice for many location assignments.

All Norman Softboxes include a snap-in inner baffle that can be installed for soft even lighting, or left out to provide slightly higher contrast. The front diffusion panel attaches with Velcro™ for easy installation and removal. The highly reflective inner coating and all baffles are neutral for accurate reproduction.

Norman also offers an assortment of Speed Ring Adapters that allow these softboxes to be used with many popular electronic flash systems. No tools are required to attach these adapters to the built-in speed ring, which is included with each softbox. The adapters can be left on when used with the same brand lamphead or easily exchanged to work with different systems.

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