Quantum Turbo 3 Rechargeable Battery

Vendor: Quantum

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Quantum Turbo 3 Rechargeable Battery

Quantum SKU: 860140 | Helix SKU: QU860140

When you are shooting a big assignment, traveling in remote locations, your camera or flash batteries are drained and your are without access to electricity, then the ideal solution is the Turbo 3 Rechargeable Battery from Quantum Instruments. This is a high voltage battery that works with most shoe- and handle-mount professional quality flash units and all Quantum Qflash, T-series and Trio/Pilot portable flashes. The Turbo 3 has the capacity to provide 1050 full-power flashes for shoe-mount and 750 flashes for handle-mount flash units.

The Turbo 3 has two outlets so you can simultaneously power a digital camera and a flash or two flashes. Cables are secured to the battery with locking sockets so you don't have to worry about a cable falling out while you are in the middle of shooting. Compatible cables for Nikon, Canon and Qflash Trio are available (sold separately).

This NiMH battery is equipped with four "fuel gauge" LED status indicators which keep you aware of how much power you have left. Recycling times average one second and it takes about three hours to fully charge the unit with the included standard battery charger.

Turbo 3 is Quantum's highest-capacity battery. It weighs only 32 oz (900 g) and can be carried around easily with the included belt clip.

Unlike other types of batteries, the Turbo 3 uses NiMH batteries that have no "memory." You can "top off" your Turbo 3 at any time, or give it a quick charge to get a few more shots.
Secure locking flash cables for Nikon, Canon and Qflash TRIO with the locking sockets of the Turbo 3 are sold separately.
The Turbo 3 is supplied with a belt clip, and has fittings for an optional shoulder strap. It can also be conveniently mounted on a light stand or tripod, using the optional Quantum Battery Clamp (QBC).
Using the two outlets on the Turbo 3, you can simultaneously power a digital camera and a flash or two flashes.
A standard charger (100-240 volts) is included with the Turbo 3. Chargers are also available for many other countries, and for your vehicle.
After long and/or frequent use, the internal battery can be replaced by Quantum Instruments at a nominal cost.
To check the Turbo 3 capacity when it is not connected, depress the ON button until the "fuel gauge" LED display comes on to read the power level. The gauge will automatically turn off.
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity Full Power Flashes
Shoe mount: 1050
Handle mount: 750
Qflash: 600
Trio: 1050
Full Power Flashes with Flash & Digital Camera
Shoe mount: 600
Handle mount: 450
Qflash: 375
Trio: 630
Typical Partial-Power Flashes in Automatic/TTL Mode
Shoe mount: 1275
Handle mount: 900
Qflash: 750
Trio: 630
Recycling Time Shoe mount: 1 sec
Handle mount: 1.1 sec
Qflash: 1.9 sec
Trio: 1 sec
Recharge Time 3 hr
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.87 x 4 x 1.75" (15 x 10 x 4.45 cm)
Weight 32 oz (900 g)



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