Smith-Victor 45 Watt LED Bulb

Vendor: Smith-Victor

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Smith-Victor 45 Watt LED Bulb

Smith-Victor SKU: 401900 | Helix SKU: SV401900


The Smith Victor 45 Watt LED Bulb fits almost any photographic light fixture that uses a standard Edison E-26 socket. Replace either florescent or hot photoflood bulbs with an energy efficient, cool lamp that produces 375 watt equivalent of light. Featuring a CRI of 95 and a color temperature of 5500° K, the Smith-Victor 45 Watt 

LED bulb has an estimated life of 20,000 hours making it not only cost effective but an improvement over other types of bulbs that do not have the life, color temperature and/or cool operating level that the Smith-Victor 45 Watt 

LED bulb provides. 

It may be used direct with the integrated soft light diffuser or bounced into an umbrella for a softer, broad light effect.

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