Spider Holster SpiderPro 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade v2

Vendor: Spider Holster

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Spider Holster SpiderPro 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade v2

Spider SKU: 214 | Helix SKU: SH214

Upgrade your Single Camera System v2 to a Dual Camera System!

The SpiderPro Dual Camera Upgrade v2 is a useful add-on if you have the Single Camera System v2, but need a second body at the ready. After upgrading, your second camera and lens are now securely on your hip, ready to get the shot. The Dual Camera Upgrade v2 comes with everything you need to convert your Single Camera System to a Dual System, including additional accessories and parts.

The improved Pro Plate v2 attaches to any professional DSLR and now features anti-slip rubber grips and a revised design for a more balanced and comfortable carry.

The redesigned pin provides a stronger connection while allowing the camera to move freely with your body. It can also be easily swapped for carry on the right or left side. Compatible with any tripod – the Pro Plate’s design includes two universal connections for any tripod plate.

Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg)

System Weight

1.08 lbs (492g)


Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum

SKU 214


  • Durable, aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Two position lock for security
  • Quick draw access to your camera


  • Attaches securely to your camera’s tripod mount
  • Compatible with all tripods – includes two universal connections for tripod plates
  • Wrench stows inside the plate