Flex Arm for Super Clamp

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This Flex Arm is 21.6" in length and has a brass 5/8" Stud with a 3/8" female thread on one end and a 5/8" brass stud with 1/4" male thread on the opposite end. The arm can be used to hold up gobos, small LED lights, flashes, or other camera/video accessories in any position you want. Features: Brass Ends with aluminum Neck; 21.65" in Length; 0.66lbs Load Capacity; 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Male Screw; 5/8" Hex Stud with 3/8" Female Thread.

› Brass Ends with Aluminium Neck
› 21.65" in Length
› 0.66lbs Load Capacity
› 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Screw
› 5/8" Hex Stud with 3/8" Female Socket
Package Contents
(1x) Flex Arm for Super Clamp

Outside Dimensions N/A
Inside Dimensions N/A
Product Weight (lb) 0.88 lb (0.4 kg)
Material Brass Ends w/ Aluminum & Steel Arm
Manufacturer Studio Assets

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