Rhino Pro 42" Rails

Rhino Pro 42" Rails

Rhino SKU: SKU212 | Helix SKU:RHSKU212


Interchangeable rails are the heart of the Rhino System. They allow you to completely change the weight, length, and load capacity of your slider setup without having to buy a completely new setup. 

The Pro 42” Rails are perfect for interview setups running heavier cameras. Thanks to the new dual Tripod Quick Mount plates they are 5x more torsionally rigid than our previous 42” rails. This makes them much for versatile and less prone to twist when filming with heavy setups. 

Weight: 7lbs 2oz

Load Capacity: 30lbs

We updated the rails with our new Tripod Quick Mount System that lets you mount your slider to a tripod in less time and without having to awkwardly spin it around.


  • Quickly interchange your rails to transform your slider
  • 5x more rigid than our previous version
  • Precision ground solid stainless steel
  • Includes the new Tripod Quick Mount System
  • Easy mounting to dual tripods

In the box

  • Pro 42” Rails

Vendor: Rhino

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