Rhino Rhino Arc II

Rhino Rhino Arc II

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Rhino Arc II is a compact 4-axis motorized pan/tilt/focus head that enables you to capture unreal video and time-lapse shots. It can hold up to 15lbs of equipment (camera + lens + monitor, etc) and can mount to a tripod or to your Rhino Slider.


  • 15lb load capacity
  • Stand-alone functionality lets you replace your fluid head with ultra smooth, repeatable motorized movement
  • Optional motorized follow focus (Rhino Focus) for making sure you nail focus
  • Optional slider motor (High Torque & High Speed Motor) controls your linear movement
  • Capture day to night time-lapses with Lightlapse (iOS only)
  • Built-in output for powering your DSLR or Mirrorless (requires optional Rhino Power dummy battery)
  • Built-in 501 plate receiver (includes 501 compatible plate)
  • OLED screen and dual joysticks for live control over all 4 axis
  • iOS app for remotely controlling and more control over keyframes
  • Motorized mounting using its pan motor

Features (long form)

    • Customizable Keyframing
      • The original Rhino Arc could do a 2 point, 2 axis move. Rhino Arc II can do a 5 point, 4 axis move. Use the dual-joystick controls and set your slider position, pan, tilt, and focus and click the joystick. Repeat this up to 5 times and playback with a repeatable, fixed speed move or use the joystick to control the speed of playback.
    • Rack Mode
      • You don’t always need a slider but you always need b-roll. That’s why we created rack mode. When paired with Rhino Focus, simply move your camera and set your focus. Move to where you think you’ll pan or tilt and set your focus again. Now, as you move, your focus will automatically rack perfectly as you control your movement in real time with the joystick. Imagine how much time you’ll save nailing focus on the first try.
    • Interview Mode
      • Doing professional interviews is a staple for most freelancers. Adding motion to your camera ups your production value and is a great way to land higher paying gigs. But what happens if your subject changes their sitting position or moves out of focus? With interview mode you can pause the looping slider by touching the joystick on Arc II or in the app and discreetly reframe and refocus without having to setup a new move and risk killing the moment. 
    • Lightlapse Mode
      • It is so frustrating to have to wait to setup your time lapse until dark or have your time lapse cut short by the sunrise. That’s why we created Light Lapse. Using a new iOS app, you’ll be able to capture day to night, Holy Grail time-lapses with the click of a button. 
    • UI & App
      • Having actual physical controls for motion control is super important. What if your phone dies, doesn’t connect, or the app glitches out? Professional work requires extreme reliability. Because of this, you have full control with physical controls to set up Arc. But, some things are just better in an app experience. With the Arc app (iOS), you can setup and playback your move using the virtual joystick. You can create up to 5 key frames and scrub through them for real time remote control. 
    • Rhino Power
      • Changing batteries is a pain. Especially when they only last 45 minutes. That’s why you’re able to power your camera or monitor directly from Rhino Arc. No more changing batteries mid interview or having your camera run out of juice on a long time-lapse.
    • Battery Life
      • Powering up to 4 motors and a camera takes a lot of power so we built in a massive 60wh battery pack into Arc. It will allow for 5 hours of continuous use with everything powered up and up to 48 hours for time-lapses. If time is tight it charges in less than 2 hours using our ultra fast international charger.
    • Mounting Plate
      • A lot of filmmakers use the 501 quick release plate for video work so we built a 501 receiver and plate into Arc. The problem with these plates is how to mount them to your camera. We solved this with a easy to access mounting tool built into the receiver. No more looking for keys or coins to mount your 501 plate. Spoiler alert - it doubles as a bottle opener too. 
    • Motorized Mounting
      • Setting up gear is time consuming. So we try to make it as quick as possible. Rhino Arc uses one of its motors to mount to Rhino Slider or a tripod and the mounting tool to snug it in place.
  • Specs
    • Dimensions: 7” x 4” x 5”
    • Weight: 5lbs
    • Load Capacity: 15lbs
    • Tilt Range: 180° under 8lbs, 90° over 8lbs
    • Pan Range: 360°
  • In the box
    • Rhino branded box
    • Rhino Arc II
    • Ultra fast international charger
    • Mounting tool (built into Arc II)
  • Video
    • https://youtu.be/lEBfnKh9rG0

Vendor: Rhino

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