Digital Photography for Busy Women

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Would you run into a burning house to rescue your favorite photos? Actually, you're more likely to lose your photos in a hard drive crash or other malfunction. And what about those pictures you printed with your new snazzy ink jet? Do you know if they'll stand the test of time? This concise reference guide provides a wealth of information to help you make the most of your digital pictures now and to safeguard them in the future. In this book you will discover: How to manage your digital photographs so that you can quickly find your favorites. Why your hard drive is one of the least safe places to store your photos. What you need to know about online photo services. How to get your camera phone images into your master digital library. How to choose the right printer and inks for photos that will last. How to implement the FRAME Method™--a unique process designed to help keep your pictures organized and protected. Digital Photography for Busy Women is written in a straightforward style and includes step-by-step checklists, fun fiction, tips and trivia. No acronym decoder ring necessary!

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