F&V RS-1 Softbox 30x40 and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light 118152010101

Vendedor: F&V Lighting USA

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F&V RS-1 Softbox 30x40 and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light 118152010101

The RS-1 Softbox 30x40 and Bracket is the perfect companion for the world famous R-300 LED Ring Light. What separates the R-300 LED Ring Light from its competition is its accurate color rendering, multiple power options, bright output, and its ability to function as both an on-camera light and and off-camera light. F&V now offers the perfect tool to expand the R-300's functionality, a softbox.


The RS-1 Softbox 30x40 will allow you to modify your light, creating a larger, soft, single source light. This becomes the perfect solution for interviews, portraits, and product photography. Your imagination is the limit to this tool's application. The softbox also comes packaged with a velcro honey comb which allows you to focus the light's beam and reduce spill.


The RS-1 Softbox 30x40 is made from a thick, high-quality nylon. Four large flaps in the back make it easy to install the soft box rods and R-300 w/ Bracket. A designated notch in one of the flaps makes accessing your R-300's dimmer knob easy. The R-300 mounts to a matte-black, aluminum bracket system which functions as the soft box's speed ring. On this bracket are four receptacles that hold the soft box rods. The bracket has a 5/8'' stud that allows you to mount the softbox system using a c-stand or universal holder. The center of this 5/8'' stud is hollow which allows you to mount a translucent or reflective umbrella to the unit.


  • Softens Light and Increases Area of Light Source
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Bracket Can Be Used w/ the Soft Box or an Umbrella
  • Removable Velcro Honey Comb
  • Softbox Made from Durable Nylon
  • Bracket Made from High Quality Aluminum
  • Face Dimensions: ~ 16"x12" (40 x 30 cm)
  • Depth of Box incl. 5/8" Stud: ~16"
  • Weight incl. Bracket: 14 oz/ 396 grams
Package Contents

(1) x RS-1 Softbox 30x40 for R-300 LED Ring Light

(1) x Bracket for Softbox (composed of 5 pieces)

(1) x Honey Comb for Soft Box

(1) x Carry Bag

100% Fun Times!


Please Note that the Umbrella Featured in the Photos is NOT Included in this kit

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