F&V Ultracolor Z200S Soft Bi-color Half-Panel LED Light with AC Adapter (V-Mount)

Vendedor: F&V Lighting USA

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F&V Ultracolor Z200S Soft Bi-color Half-Panel LED Light with AC Adapter (V-Mount)

F&V SKU: 18030000 | Helix SKU: FV18030000

UltraColor is now also UltraSoft

The UltraColor Z200S is the newest member of the F&V Soft panel series that combines bi-color, TLCI 99, brightness, compactness and that is passively cooled and super soft in a small, half-panel format.

Brightness | up to 2200 Lux@1m

The Z400S Soft and the optional intensifier are the perfect team when a powerful soft light is needed. With 901 lux @ 1m and with a beam angle of 130°, the Z400S Soft is already a very bright light. The  intensifier concentrates the light into a 50° beam angle, increasing the brightness to an incredible 2200 lux @ 1m (5600K).

Colors as they should be

The UltraColor Soft series offers true color reproduction throughout the complete color temperature range. Rendered with absolute precision, skin tones and colors never looked better. CRI and TLCI measurements only give a small insight into how LED lights render the full spectrum, the UltraColor Soft series can shine beyond those values with a well balanced color response - creating beautiful images. Pure white light with a TLCI of up to 99.

True Softness - Single, Soft & Clean Shadow

The quality of a light is not only defined by its color and brightness, but also how it renders shadows. With a clean, single shadow that wraps nicely around subjects, the UltraColor Soft delivers stunning results. No stepped shadows, no uneven color, just pure soft light.

More Information
Barcode 6949773304523
Manufacturer F&V
Country of Manufacture China
Illuminance 100% 5600K: 901 lux @1m, 226 lux @2m, 101 lux @3m; 100% 3200K: 796 lux @1m, 199 lux @2m, 89 lux @3m
Color Temperature (CCT) Bi-Color 3200 - 5600K (+/- 200K)
Beam Angle 130 Degrees
Color Rendition TLCI 97 - 99, CRI 96 - 98
Dimming 0-100% Continuous
Estimated LED Lifetime 50,000 Hours (15 years of average use)
Thermal Design Silent Passive Cooling
Power Options AC Adapter
Power Consumption N/A
Power Voltage 12 - 24 V DC
Battery Lifetime N/A
Mounting Options Yoke with 5/8" Mount
Package Contents

(1x) Z200S Soft UltraColor Light

(1x) AC Adapter

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