F&V Z720S UltraColor Bi-color LED Ring Light

Vendedor: F&V Lighting USA

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F&V Z720S UltraColor Bi-color LED Ring Light

F&V SKU: 10903010 | Helix SKU: FV10903010

As part of the UltraColor series of LED lights, the Z720S UltraColor LED Ring Light is guaranteed to measure at a TLCI of 95 ± 1. This level of accuracy endows the user with confidence that all lights will perform at a professional level, day in and day out.

The Z720S UltraColor LED Ring Light has a 290mm center opening that allows it to be used with any size cinema lens. Mounting options for 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio ensure that the Z720 will seamlessly integrate into your professional, cinema work flow. A 5/8"""" mounting option allows you to attach the Z720 to a stand which is ideally suited for photographers.

Due to its large size, the Z720S UltraColor LED Ring Light not only creates gorgeous catchlights in the eyes of your talent, but also it wraps around their face with even, beautiful illumination. To further empower your creativity, the Z720 is broken into four quadrants, each of which can be controlled independently. The ability to uniquely modify the intensity and color temperature* of each quadrant allows you to make one of a kind catchlights with unparalleled ease.

Reap all the benefits the Z720S UltraColor LED Ring Light has to offer. When you're not in need of a ring light, the incredible power of the 720 LEDs allows you to use the light off camera as a standalone LED fixture. A soft box accessory allows you to shape and soften your light for a wide variety of applications. Additionally, the unit can be powered by two, NP-F Li-ion batteries which means you can take it anywhere you go.

Correlated Color Temperature: 5600K ±150K (Daylight Model) / 3200K~5600K ±150K (Bi-color Model) [Customer chooses model on product page]

Illumination (Lux@1m): Daylight Model: 3010 lx, Bi-color Model: 2746 lx (D:1505 lx, T:1234 lx)

Beam Angle: 60º

TLCI:95 ± 1.0

Color Rendering Index (Ra):95 ± 1.0

Power Variation: 0-100%

Power Supply: 2* Sony NP-F Battery Plate / DC2.5 Jack

Inside Diameter: 290mm

Package Content:

(1) x Z720 UltraColor LED Ring Light
(1) x Milk Diffusion Filter
(1) x Tungsten Filter (Daylight Model Only)
(1) x Frost Diffusion Filter
(1) x 15mm LWS Rail Mount
(1) x 19mm Studio Rail Mount
(1) x 5/8"" Mount
(1) x D-Tap Power Cable
(1) x AC Power Adapter
(1) x Carry Bag

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