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Mfr SKU: 25385    | Helix SKU: NK25385   

Color Control Points: Enhancements for hue, brightness and saturation are as simple as placing a Color Control Point on your image, then adjusting the length of the sliders. For example, Color Control Points are remarkably convenient for changing the color of flowers for better effect against green surrounding foliage. Take a dull gray sky and add blue to change the mood of a captured scene.



Selection Control Points: Now you can selectively edit photographs without the need to manually outline or mask the area for editing. Simply place a Selection Control Point anywhere on the photograph then choose from almost any adjustment such as D-Lighting, Unsharp Mask or Noise Reduction, while limiting the “reach” of that adjustment to just the selected area.



Auto-Retouch Brush: Capture NX 2 adds an automatic retouch tool to its image editing toolbox allowing users to seamlessly remove blemishes, dust and other distracting elements from photographs while maintaining the integrity of the image.



Shadow/Highlight Adjustment: With just a simple slider adjustment you can easily open up shadows or recover blown-out highlights. Highlight recovery is most effective for RAW (NEF) files however it will work with JPEG and TIFF files as well.



Redesigned Interface includes:

  • Customized Workspaces
  • Improved Toolbar function and layout
  • Improved Edit List functionality
  • Newly designed image browser featuring a Favorites Folder
  • Improved Image Resolution adjustments



Capture NX 2 features award-winning U Point® technology for precision selection and application of enhancements without complicated selections or layer masks. Designed to closely match the way photographers work with their images, Capture NX 2 is easy to learn and creates the highest quality results.




Features continuing from Capture NX version 1.x include:

  • Color Control Points (improved operation)
  • Black/White/Neutral Control Points (improved layout)
  • Color management control with Soft Proofing
  • Color Aberration Control, D-Lighting (High Speed/High Quality), Image Dust Off, Vignette Control and Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image Transformation
  • Noise Reduction: global or selective adjustments
  • Distortion Control - reduces pincushion and barrel distortion effects
  • Color Booster
  • Color Balance
  • Contrast/Brightness
  • Saturation/Warmth
  • Photo Enhance (for toning, sepia, black and white)
  • Levels/Curves Editor, LCH Editor, Auto Levels
  • Unsharp Mask, Gaussian Blur, High Pass Filter
  • Add Grain/Noise
  • Contrast: Color Range
  • Colorize
  • Black-and-White Conversion
  • Straighten and Crop Tools
  • Full support for Picture Control (camera and software-based function)



Capture NX 2 provides the highest quality RAW (NEF) conversions from your Nikon camera and fully integrates with all Nikon software including Camera Control Pro 2, Image Authentication Software, Transfer and ViewNX.







CPU: 1-GHz or better Intel Celeron / Pentium 4 / Core Series

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2*
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2*
Microsoft Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2*
Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Service Pack 2*
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 2*
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3*
Microsoft Windows XP Home Service Pack 3*
*Only 32-bit Pre-installed versions supported.

Hard-disk space: 50 MB required for installation; 500 MB free space recommended.

Installed RAM:
Windows XP: 512MB (1 GB or more recommended)
Windows Vista: 1GB (1.5 GB or more recommended)

Display: 1024 x 768 (XGA) or better



CPU: Power PC G4 / G5; Intel Core Series / Xeon series

OS: Mac OS 10.4.11, 10.5.7

Hard-disk space: 50MB required for installation; 500 MB of free space on the start-up disk (1GB or more recommended)

Installed RAM: 512 MB or more (1GB or more recommended)

Display: 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA) or more at Thousands of colors minimum.














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