Photoflex LitePanel 39x72" PVC Frame

Vendedor: Photoflex

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Photoflex LitePanel 39x72" PVC Frame

Photoflex SKU: 870547 | Helix SKU: PFX870547


Photoflex LitePanels provide easy-to-use, transportable reflector solutions. Great for the studio and location work.

LitePanel 39x72" square PVC frame supports diffusion and reflective fabrics for easy use. Ideal for video, film, portrait, wedding and fashion photography.

LitePanel frames and LitePanel fabrics are sold separately. 

LP-B3972FR 870547

  • Tubing is shock-corded 
  • Fabric wraps over corners with built-in elastic to allow for quick setup
  • Panels are versatile and can be clipped together to create walls and ceiling
  • Each LitePanel fabric is reversible, featuring 2 reflective surfaces
  • Compact and easy to transport



  • Outside dimensions: 39 x 72"
  • Tube diameter: 1"


3.0 lbs