Photogenic AKC50BK 320 WS StudioMax Kit with AKC320B 320Ws StudioMax III Monolight Strobe, AK2432 24 x 32 inch Soft Box

Vendedor: Photogenic

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The Photogenic AKC320B is an excellent choice for any photographer who needs battery-powered monolight that maintains a constant color temperature. It's easy to use on location or in the studio. These lights employ "constant color" technology which prevents the color temperature from visibly shifting, regardless of flash power level. You can be confident that the white balance at 320Ws is the white balance at 10Ws.The AKC320B gives you the freedom of AC or DC operation. When you have to work off the grid, the AKC320B is powered from the AKB-1 battery pack, included in this kit. This ultra-portable three-pound pack provides energy for over 150 full power flashes.

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