Photogenic Eclipse Umbrella -White Flat-Panel - 32" (EC32BC)

Vendedor: Photogenic

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Photogenic Eclipse Umbrella -White Flat-Panel - 32" (EC32BC)

Photogenic SKU: 909143 | Helix SKU: PG909143

The patented Eclipse design is noted for the ability to provide cleaner, smoother highlights and catchlights compared to ordinary bounce umbrellas. All the bright metal exposed ribs of a normal umbrella construction are covered on the Eclipse umbrella.

The EC32BC measures 32" over its curve. The flat-panel interior design is manufactured with a reflective color-neutral white material. A black cover attaches over the white panels to confine the light. This can be removed if desired, allowing the umbrella to be used as a shoot-through translucent diffuser.

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