ProMaster SM1S Speedlight Master Transmitter for Sony M.I.S.

Vendedor: ProMaster

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ProMaster SM1S Speedlight Master Transmitter for Sony M.I.S.

ProMaster SKU: 4959 | Helix SKU: PR49591

The ProMaster SM1S Wireless Speedlight Master Transmitter works over a long range (325' 100m) to control a ProMaster 200ST-R Speedlight as a slave flash. It can fire the slave(s) in up to 3 groups with up to 15 slaves per group using features such as TTL exposure control, slow sync. HSS high-speed sync., flash bracketing, exposure compensation, and more. 

The SM1S utilizes an internal Li-Ion, rechargeable battery as its power source. The unit is incredibly efficient and the battery lasts a very long time. Plus, the SM1S can operate while connected to a charger, for times when you need even more run time. OK, wait a minute, let's explore this a bit more. Let's say your SM1S has sat dormant for 6 months and then you decide to use it extensively for a couple of days. Near the end of day-two you suddenly notice its battery is getting low and realize you had never thought about charging it. Perhaps you can take a 2-hour break and plug it into a wall outlet, since that's all it takes to bring the battery back up to 100%. But, maybe that's not a good option. It's cool. You can use the SM1S while it's plugged-in for charging. Maybe having a cord running to a wall outlet is not convenient. No worries! Grab a common power bank (like the one you use for your phone) and simply connect that to the SM1S. You'll be golden! The USB micro-b to USB-A charging cord is included with the SM1S and is s common cord that can be bought at any corner store (in case you forget it at home). In fact, you may already have one or a dozen laying around from other devices. 

  • 2.4GHz radio operating frequency
  • Wireless range: 325' / 100 m
  • 15 Channels + auto
  • 3 Groups A/B/C with ratio control (up to 15 units in a group)
  • Manual output power range: 1 - 1/128th
  • Net Weight: 3.6 oz / 102 g
  • Dimensions: 3 5/16" x 2 9/16" x 1 11/16" (84.1 mm x 65.1 mm x 42.9 mm)
  • Power Source: Integrated, rechargeable Li-Ion battery (3.7 V 1,000 mAh)
  • Charging input: DC 5V 0.5 A
  • USB port: Micro B
  • ProMaster 5398 USB firmware downloading cable for computer connection
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