Sky-Watcher Quattro 300P Imaging Newtonian 12" (305 mm)

Vendedor: Sky-Watcher

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Sky-Watcher Quattro 300P Imaging Newtonian 12" (305 mm)

Sky-Watcher SKU: S11230 | Helix SKU: CTS11230


The new Sky-Watcher Quattro Imaging Newtonian with dual-speed focuser incorporates a superb mirror-set with two significant advantages over competing products. A 2" dual-speed 10:1 ratio focuser is included for excellent focusing precision. Additionally, the tube length has been slightly shortened to optimize performance for prime-focus photography.

SKU S11230
UPC 050234112307
Optical Info
Optical Design Newtonian
Mirror Coatings 94% Aluminum
Glass Type Borosilicate
Primary Aperture (mm) 305
Primary Edge Thickness 38mm
F/Ratio 4
Focal Length (mm) 1200
Secondary Diameter 102mm
Secondary Obstruction (by diameter) 33%
Secondary Obstruction by Area 11%
Observational Info
Dawes Limit 0.38
Rayleigh Limit 0.46
Limiting Mag. 14.9
Minimum Magnification 43
Maximum Magnification 600
Light Gathering (compared to next size down) 44%
General Info
Focuser 2" Dual Speed Crayford
OTA Length (Retract/Ext.) 42.5"
OTA Outer Diameter 14.25"
OTA Weight (with accessories) 57
Included Finder 9x50 Finder
Included Diagonal No
Mounting Accessories Rings/D-Rail
Included Eyepieces None
Included Case No
Corrector No (optional)
Trust Guard Security Scanned