Smith-Victor 2-Light LED Umbrella Kit

Vendedor: Smith-Victor

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Smith-Victor 2-Light LED Umbrella Kit

Smith-Victor SKU: 401608 | Helix SKU: SV401608


The Smith-Victor KT750LED 2 Light Umbrella Kit features two high quality 45 watt LED fan cooled bulbs that produce the equivalency of 375 watts of incandescent light each with very little heat. These low energy bulbs have a very high CRI of 95 which produce even, soft light, perfect for portrait or product photography.

The very portable Smith-Victor KT750LED is light weight, simple to set up and very easy to use.

The kit includes (2)45 watt LED bulbs; (2)33" white umbrellas; (2)umbrella sockets with AC power cords; (2)6 foot light stands and a padded carry/storage case.