Smith-Victor SBC22765UM - 22" Square Heat-Resistant Softbox for 765SG

Vendedor: Smith-Victor

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Smith-Victor SBC22-765UM - 22" Square Heat-Resistant Softbox for 765SG

Smith-Victor SKU: 402060 | Helix SKU: SV402060


Part #: 402060  
Dimensions: 22 in. x 22 in.  
Details: Smith-Victor's new line of professional soft boxes are constructed with a durable black/silver laminated heat resistant material capable of withstanding heat from up to a 1000-watt quartz halogen lamp. The spring tension rods easily fit into soft box and mounting bracket. All soft boxes have a heat release flap, a snap-fit internal panel and front diffusion panel. The front panel is hook and loop tape fitted allowing you to place the panel at the box edge or into the box 1 1/2 inches for improved light direction. Mounting bracket and handled travel bag included with all Smith-Victor soft boxes.

SBC22 Includes:
22 Inch square soft box with mounting bracket for the 720-SG 1000-watt Quartz halogen light, 710-SG 600-watt Quartz light, and he 765UM 600-watt Focusing light. Please specify which mounting bracket is needed when ordering. (402070 or 402072).




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