VIBESTA Capra-75 Bi-Color LED Panel Light

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VIBESTA Capra-75 Bi-Color LED Panel Light

Vibesta SKU: 123020041231 | Helix SKU: FV123020041231

The Capra 75 is a 1x1' panel with 840 high-power LEDs, a high CRI of 85, and built-in barn doors. This light weight, durable panel is a perfect unit for photographers and videographers shooting both in the studio and on location. When in the studio, you can power the unit via the included AC Power Adapter, and when you are shooting on location, you can power the light via its built-in v-mount battery plate. At full power, you can achieve roughly 1 hour of run time on a 99Wh battery.

Daylight units have 840 daylight LEDs, while bi-color units have 420 daylight LEDs and 420 tungsten LEDs. This light can be dimmed from 0-100%, via a dimmer knob on the back of the light, without any noticeable shift in color quality. Bi-color units have an additional knob that allows you to smoothly blend between the daylight and tungsten LEDs. The bi-color lights are perfect for interviews when you may need to warm or cool the light based on your talent's skin tone.

A 60° beam angle gives you a wide, even beam of light with a soft fall off around the beam's edge. The built-in barn doors can be used to reduce spill from the side of the light, and they fold-up flush with the face of light to protect the unit's LEDs during travel. All units come pre-installed with LinkPorts that allow you to connect multiple units via RJ11 cable. When multiple units are linked together, you can dim any light in the series, and all the connected lights will dim in unison. This works for both intensity and color temperature. On the top and bottom of the units there are QuickSnap connection points that allow you to easily stack units together. This is a great feature if you need to create a larger light source. Simply stack them together until you reach your desired intensity / size, and you will not take up any more floor space.


SKU capra75B
LED Count 840
Beam Angle 60°
Color Temperature Daylight Model: 5600K
Bi-color Model: 3200K~5600K (variable)
Power Options 2.5mm DC Jack, Built-in V-mount
Power Draw 67W
Operating Voltage 10~18V
Mounting Options Yoke with 5/8" receptacle
Dimensions Panel: 30 x 30 x 6.2 cmPanel with Yoke: 35 x 38 x 6.2 cm
Product Weight (kg) 2.1
Package Contents

(1x) Capra 75 LED Panel Light* (Daylight or bi-color panel chosen on product page)

(1x) AC Power Adapter (Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.0A / Output: 15VDC 8.0A)

* The Capra 75 comes with built-in barn doors.

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