X-Rite ColorChecker Classic XL

Vendedor: X-Rite

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X-Rite ColorChecker Classic XL



This is a larger version of the ColorChecker classic for those shots taken at a greater distance like at an outdoor event, on a larger set or for drone photography.

ColorChecker Classic targets can help you make global corrections based on accurate information. If you shoot a large number of images that all require the same color correction, you know that editing a few key photos and applying your changes can sometimes change colors you didn’t intend to be changed. A shot of the ColorChecker Classic captured under the same lighting as your images will provide a point of reference, so you can see exactly how changes will affect the rest of your colors before you apply them.

Create Custom Camera Profiles

Take your digital photography to the next level and create custom camera profiles. Combine the X-Rite Camera Calibration Software (free download) with your Classic target to quickly and easily create a custom DNG, Dual Illuminant DNG or ICC profiles. Each profile takes into account your camera, lens and lighting combination to provide you with more exact color. The Camera Calibration software supports Adobe Lightroom® , Adobe Photoshop® and Capture One® workflows, plus any other ICC profile compatible software. Use either the desktop application or the included Adobe® Lightroom® Plug-In.



Target Size: 21 x 14.75 in (53.3 x 37.5 cm); Color Chip Area 19.8 x 13.05 in (50.3 x 33.1 cm), thickness 0.12 in (.3 cm)
Shipping Size: 23 x 19.5 x2.625 in (58.42 x 49.53 x 6.67 cm)
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs. (.91 kg)