Meade 80mm ED TRIPLET APO (f/6)

Category: Telescopes

Vendor: Meade

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Meade 80mm ED TRIPLET APO f/6 Apochromatic Telescope Product Info

Meade 80mm ED TRIPLET APO f/6 Telescope is made especially for astrophotography, but it's great for anyone who appreciates seeing the cosmos in incredibly refined and accurate true color. This triple-element apochromatic refractor is an APO telescopes, ideal for wide-field observation and imaging. Scopes like the Meade ED Triplet APO Telescope have provided some of the most beautiful astrophotography images ever made from Earth. Representing years of development by Meade, the triple objective lens is made from the highest quality ED (extra-low dispersion) glass that brings you the truest colors possible. The Meade ED APO Triplet 80mm Telescope is virtually free of chromatic aberration (color fringing) - it will outperform the most expensive semi-APOs at a fraction of the cost. Expert observers will be delighted by the total absence of color fringing and the textbook-perfect pinpoint star images that this Meade Telescope delivers. Even beginners will notice the breathtaking high contrast and resolution of a Meade Triplet APO Telescope.

The Meade 80mm ED Triplet APO Optical Tube includes 3-Element Fully Multi-Coated Apochromatic Objective Lenses with advanced FK61 extra-low dispersion glass, 10:1 dual speed Crayford Focusers, Sliding Dew Shield, 2" Series 5000 Enhanced 99% Reflectivity Slip-fit Diagonal, Aluminum Cradle Rings with mounting dovetail and Hard Case.


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