9.Solutions C-PAN ARM Camera Slider

Vendor: 9.Solutions

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9.Solutions C-PAN ARM Camera Slider

9.Solutions SKU: 9.CPA1 | Helix SKU: NS9CPA1


The C-pan Arm Camera Slider by 9.Solutions, designed and manufactured in Denmark is a unique camera guide system that mechanically moves your camera in a variety of different paths: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The C-pan Arm is capable of curved camera paths as well, and its total movement range is 3.5 times its folded length.

When making a non-curved movement, the arm functions as a traditional, straight track slider. Small adjustments to the arm allow the camera to move in a curved path. 

The C-pan arm comes with dumbbells that are used to counter weight and stabilize the movements. The counterweights can be added in increments to balance your camera gear.  

The arm moves the camera mechanically in many different directions, such as in a straight pan, outward or inward curve, horizontally and vertically. This is all possible at a sloped angle as well. Forward and backward moves are possible, so you could push your camera through the window of a car for example.

Filmaking with this device is made simple, all you have to do is set up your camera.the arm will do the rest. At the bottom there is a standard 3/8″ screw so mounting the C-Pan arm on to a tripod is a breeze.

This camera slider is a hybrid of a jib and slider without the tracks!  This camera slider will change how you shoot on set!


Horizontal Load: 17 lb / 8 kg
Vertical Load: 13 lb / 6 kg
Weight (Body): 11 lb / 5 kg
Weight (Dumbbells): 13 lb / 6 kg
Pan Range (Vertical and Horizontal): 55 in / 140 cm
Curve Radius (Outward): 59 in / 1.5 m
Tripod Mount: 3/8-16" Female
Camera Plate Mount: 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16


Camera Slider Only, Tripod Sold Separately!