9.Solutions Ex-sus Pole

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9.Solutions Ex-sus Pole

9.Solutions SKU: 9.VE5091 | Helix SKU: NS9VE5091


The Ex-sus Pole (Extension Suspension Pole) is a telescoping pole used to mount lights, cameras, and other equipment from a grid, pipe, or mounting point on the ceiling. The telescoping design allows the height of your equipment to be adjusted quickly and easily while also freeing-up valuable floorspace. The top of Ex-sus Pole has a 3/8"-16 male thread so that it can be mounted to a 3/8"-16 female threaded clamp. The bottom of the Ex-sus Pole has a 5/8" pin allowing you to mount lights. Attaching the horizontal offset adds a 5/8" receptacle, perfect for the Angled El-Bo Arm and a DSLR camera. The Ex-sus Pole is patent pending.


Weight: 1610 g
Length: 110-198cm
Max Load: 20 kg
(1x : Top) 3/8”-16 Male Thread
(1x : Bottom) 5/8” Pin
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