Axipod Stabilized Monopod

Vendor: Axipod

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Axipod Stabilized Monopod

Axipod SKU: A20-59-4AK | Helix SKU: APA20594AK

The Axipod camera support system takes camera support and stability to the next level.

Arena engineered Axipod for strength, stability, and portability. Most importantly, it facilitates steady image capture by damping vibration through careful material selection and design. Multiple points of contact provide stability and support. Each contact point is isolated with various damping material so they don't transmit shake or vibration to the camera. Gravity and existing fixed structures are used but isolated by the stabilizer, its grip and damping material.

For example, in the seat configuration your body weight holds axipod's stabilizer against the bleacher/seat which is attached to the stadium/theater. That same principle works for a canvass chair at the soccer field, effectively anchoring axipod to planet earth. Now, that's stability!

Aircraft grade aluminum and steel provide light-weight and strength making axipod rugged and extremely portable. The stabilizer bar connection employs the right amount of clamping friction to hold the camera at any angle.

SKU A20-59-4AK
Package Contents

(1x) axipod camera support system & (1x) carrying case

Product Weight (lb) 3 lb 3 oz
Minimum Height 4"
Maximum Height 59"
Maximum Load 10 lbs
Material Aluminum