Benro A0190T Travel Flat Tripod with Aluminum Twist Lock Legs

Vendor: Benro

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Benro A0190T Flat Tripod is a highly personalized engineering achievement created specifically for travel photographers. Its innovative design changes the traditional model of triangular profiles, adopting instead a flat "one shape" which makes the tripod more compact and portable when folded. Utilizing magnesium alloy and imported high-strength carbon fiber components the Traveler incorporates the dust-proof and water-resistant structural designs that Benro is famous for. It is lighter, shorter, more stable, stronger and faster operating than any other tripod in its class. Ideal for any photographer on the go. Specifications Top Plate or Base Plate Diameter 1.9in Maximum Load 13.2 lbs Product or Folded Height 16.1in Maximum Height 52in Leg Sections 5 Leg Lock Type Twist Lock Head Mount 3/8-16 Foot Mount Adhesive Foot Type Fixed Rubber Foot Size 9mm Weight 2lbs / 0.91kg

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