Induro 3 Series Baby Grand CF Tripod 2-Section 75mm Platform (GIHH75CP)

Category: Tripods

Vendor: Induro

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Induro 3 Series Baby Grand CF Tripod 2-Section 75mm Platform (GIHH75CP)


Stealth Carbon Fiber Tubes and magnesium castings- Super strong materials with amazing weight to strength ratio, provide superior strength and portability.

Shoot Low – Easily remove the weight hook and spread out the legs for low to the ground shots.

Safety lock- The flat modular head mounting plate is held securely with a ratchet style lock combines with a spring-loaded safety catch.

Travel Friendly - Includes a custom carrying case and is small enough to fit in any carry on size luggage.

Small Footprint - The small footprint allows it to be used in tight spaces and on smaller surface areas.

Mounting Options - The feet have pre-drilled holes for securing it to the ground or boards.

Multiple independent leg positions - Each leg can be independently positioned at one of the three locks located on the outside of the shoulder. This allows you to easily set up for use on uneven terrain.

Telescoping legs - Each leg features oversized rubber twist locks and is telescoping for adjusting the height


Included in the box:

Baby Grand Induro 75mm Tripod, Ovoid rubber feet, Classic rubber feet, Flat Plate with removable weight hook and Custom Carrying Case


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