Benro MoveUp4 Travel Jib Kit

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Benro MoveUp4 Travel Jib Kit - IDA04J18K1

The MoveUp4 Travel Jib Kit comes with a S7 tripod and MoveUp4 lightweight travel jib that folds up for easy transport. Ideal for HDSLR and lightweight video cameras this jib can support up to 8.8 lb (4kg) and has a vertical reach of 72.8". The 3/8"-16 threaded flat base allows for a number of mounting options. Soft case included.


With a vertical reach of just over 6 feet, the MoveUp4 Travel Jib can achieve sweeping shots for that cinematic look.

Both the pan lock and tilt lock can be turned on or off independently and are located on the operator side of the head for easy control. Tilt range for the S7 is +90°/-50°

Equiped with interchangeable screw-in rubber and stainless steel spiked feet

Counter balance will help you counter the weight of your rig or heavy lens. each step provides a different amount of counterbalance: 0 lb. (0kg), 5.0 lb. (2.2 kg), 10.0 lb. (4.5 kg), 15.4 lb. (7.0 kg)

Threaded mounting points allow you to attach monitor arm to view your shot live while operating from the back of the jib.

Dial in the perfect amount of tension necessary with the variable pan drag.

The MoveUp4 Travel Jib folds up into a small, portable package making this ideal for filmmakers who need travel friendly gear. Its compact design pairs nicely with smaller tripods and lightweight cameras, therefore reducing the overall amount of equipment required to enhance your production value.

The S7 is equipped with a flat base with a 3/8" thread, allowing you to mount the head separately on sliders, jibs, monopods or half ball adapters. The S7 also uses a 501/504PL compatible QR6 plate.


MAXIMUM LOAD 8.82 lb (4 kg)
MINIMUM HEIGHT 23.62 in (60 cm)
MAXIMUM HEIGHT 72.8 in (185 cm)
FOLDED LENGTH 27.17 in (69 cm)
WEIGHT 15.21 lb (6.9 kg)




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