Bowens BW-1515 Lumiair Softbox 100X140, 55 x 39-1/2 Inches (Black)

Vendor: Bowens

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140cm x 100cm (55" x 39.5")Ideal for large group shots and commercial photography as well as room sets and general photography where a very soft light is required. For years, Bowens has designed and manufactured the industry’s finest range of professional soft boxes. Now we have drawn on this considerable experience to create ‘lumiair’ the pinnacle in soft box design. Precision tension ensures the straightest edges delivering the perfect cut-off for fashion and portrait work while the optimum color calibration of the reflective interior surface together with their shallow construction offer the highest degree of light efficiency. Add to this two layers of diffusion and you have a completely even spread of light, no more than 1/2 stop from center to edge, with no distracting hotspots. Each Lumiair soft box comes complete with a simple zip-up carry case to ensure safe and easy transportation to location shoots. Lumiair professional soft boxes include the main canopy, a rear Cowell, front diffuser, internal diffuser, and support rods. Lumiair soft boxes will accept our extensive range of ring adapters and so can be used with almost all popular flash systems.