Bowens BW-2914 Fresnel 200 Spot Attachment (Black)

Category: Bowens, Light Modifiers

Vendor: Bowens

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Bowens BW-2914 Fresnel 200 Spot Attachment (Black)

Bowens SKU: BW-2914 | Helix SKU: BW2914


This 200mm fresnel lens produces that classic Hollywood-style of lighting unique to fresnel spots. A built-in iris gives very tight control of the light pool, making it ideal for product photography too. The adjustable aperture can be used to easily adjust the light pool from a broad coverage to a tight spot. This versatile attachment is also good for classic portraits and for precise control in commercial work. The S-Type mount of the Fresnel 200 means that it is compatible with all S-Type Bowens monolights and strobes.

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