Bowens BW-3455 Streamlite 330 (Black)

Vendor: Bowens

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For a constant stream of beautiful daylight-balanced light the Streamlite is the perfect choice. The ultimate point and shoot light, simply switch on and the three 25W fluorescent bulbs, combined with the detachable white reflector, deliver a wide spread of directional sunlight. The 5600K (±300K) lamps mean no more time consumed on your camera white balance to eliminate the blue or green hues usually associated with fluorescent light. The 7,000 hour, cool-running, lamps deliver a soft, even light output equivalent to 330W of tungsten light, ideal for situations where the subject matter can be adversely affected by high levels of heat, such as food, or even close-up portraiture. The Streamlite is supplied with an elasticated diffuser to create an even softer light when required.