Bowens BW-8515USP Gemini 500R (X3) Kit - Pocket Wizard and Pulsar Compatible (Black)

Category: Bowens, Monolights

Vendor: Bowens

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It is said that two heads are better than one... Well, when it comes to lighting, the more heads the better the result. Three flash heads and stands are the foundation of these popular sets. For lighting control we include a Bowens Softbox with two Bowens Silver/White Umbrellas and a pair of wide-angle reflectors designed to give a great degree of creative flexibility. These kits are Bowens Pulsar and PocketWizard Radio Receiver ready (optional, not included). This enables you to wirelessly trigger lights with your camera. For portability the whole kit can be transported and stored in the rolling case and stand bag which are included in these extra-value-for-money kits.

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