Bowens BW-9000US CREO 2400 Generator (Black)

Vendor: Bowens

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Ultimate Creative Power. Creo from Bowens is the pinnacle of performance, reliability, robustness and value. These professional power packs come in 1200Ws and 2400Ws models, both boasting specifications that, until now, could only be found on the most expensive generators. The precision performance of the Creo, including flash durations as quick as 1/7692 second and color stability from flash to flash as stable as ±40k, coupled with the legendary build-quality of Bowens means these packs are perfect for hard-working commercial studios and rental houses alike. TPack power is easily operated with the intuitive control panel, allowing all features to be quickly set at the touch of button. The packs can also be operated without ever leaving your camera position with the optional Creo Infra-Red remote control. "Creo" means 'to create' - the ease and speed of operating these professional, feature packed generators allows you to do just that with no complications. In Sync. The integrated Radio Trigger Card slot allows you to plug in a Pulsar Radio Rx Card delivering wireless freedom. The Creo also features two surface mounted Photocells to sync the pack perfectly with any remote flash. For the traditionalist the Creo pack has two 1/4" jack sync sockets for connecting a sync cord to your camera. Cool Under Pressure. Creo packs are equipped with an advanced cooling and protection system designed to prevent heat build-up and ensure that the pack is always operating at optimum performance. Multiple fans automatically switch to increase airflow through the pack when required and the charge limiter monitors system conditions and will automatically adjust the charge rate if necessary to protect the pack as indicated with the Speed LEDs. The Control Panel. The intuitive digital control panel of the Creo professional power packs makes precision control fast and simple. Power to each of the two channels can be quickly adjusted in stops or tenths of stops at the touch of a button.