Coronado 60mm Double Max Solar Max II 60 Solar Telescope, two etalon filters, BF10, SMT60DS-10

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The "Double Stacked" Coronado SolarMax II Solar Telescope is a beautiful instrument that sports polished brass and black finishes as well as precisely crafted tuning knobs. When you purchase a "Double Stacked" Coronado SolarMax 60 II Solar Telescope your package includes:

Coronado Hard Carrying Case
Life Time Tech Support from High Point Scientific

The "double stacked" Coronado SolarMax II is a serious instrument built for someone looking to see the finest areas of detail on our sun. Prominences, flares, filaments and ever changing surface areas of the sun will all be brought to you in high def with the SolarMax.

So why is a "Double Stacked" solar telescope better then a traditional solar telescope? The simple answer is that you get significantly enhanced optical resolution with the "double stacked" version.

Coronado has enhanced the "double stacked" SolarMax 60 by placing an additional filter etalon at the front of the scope. Now there are two etalons present, one internally with the new RichView tuning system and one at the front of the scope with the T-Max tuning system.

"Double Stacking" the etalons improves the scopes resolution by reducing the already narrow <.7 angstrom="" bandpass="" to="" an="" even="" narrower="" with="" this="" set="" up="" the="" enhanced="" resolution="" and="" contrast="" will="" offer="" a="" view="" of="" sun="" that="" is="" absolutely="" stunning="">
The "double stacked" system works the same as a non "double stacked" system, the only difference is that now it's a three part system. The telescope body incorporates a tunable sub-aperture etalon in its body as well as a removable etalon on the front of the scope. These tunable etalons works in conjunction with a 10mm blocking filter situated in the solar telescopes 1.25" star diagonal. Together these elements produce a
RichView Tuning - newly re-de

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