Coronado 90mm-800mm Solar Max II 90 Solar Telescope, with RichView Tuning, BF30, 0.7A SMT90-30

Vendor: Meade

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The Coronado SolarMax 90 II Solar Telescope is the largest aperture scope in the Coronado fleet. This research grade solar scope is a beautiful instrument that sports polished brass and black finishes as well as precisely crafted tuning knobs. When you purchase a Coronado SolarMax 90 II Solar Telescope your package includes:

Coronado Hard Carrying Case
Life Time Tech Support from High Point Scientific

The Coronado SolarMax II is a serious instrument built for someone looking to see the finest areas of detail on the sun. Prominences, flares, filaments and ever changing surface areas of the sun will all be brought to you in high def with the SolarMax 90.

The Coronado SolarMax 90 II is two part solar telescope system. The telescope body incorporates a tunable sub-aperture etalon in its body. This tunable etalon works in conjunction with a 30mm blocking filter situated in the solar telescopes 1.25" star diagonal. Together the tunable sub-aperture etalon and the blocking filter produce a
Blocking Filter - The Blocking Filter is one of the features on the Coronado SolarMax Series of Solar Telescopes that influences cost. The SolarMax 90 can be sold with a 15mm or a 30mm blocking filter. The 30mm blocking filter is for imagers that need a wider and more illuminated field for bigger 35mm style imaging chips.

RichView Tuning - The newly re-designed Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Solar Telescope with RichView system is a great step forward in solar telescope development. The Rich View Tuning Method allows you to zero in on the most precise wavelength of light for each area of the sun on either side of the hydrogen-alpha (Ha) band by tuning the primary filter etalon with an adjustment lever on the side of the scope's body. This functionality assists in tuning in the highest contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments