Cross Arm Assembly & Tripod Kit

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Cross Arm Assembly & Tripod Kit

Cross Arm Assembly

This arm allows for mounting of a possible 4 heads including 2 on the sides of the arm and two perpendicular to the arm. There are two 1/4"-20 mounts (1 on the end and 1 on the arm) and two 3/8" mounts (1 on the end and 1 on the arm). The Cross Arm also comes with an adapter which can turn a 1/4"-20 to 3/8" allowing for several different mounting options.

The Cross Arm Assembly is the perfect accessory for creating a robust workstation. The Cross Arm makes it easy to attach Cameras, Video equipment, and several additional Seaport Digital products such as the i-Visor LS Pro MAG.


Studio Assets Tripod

The Studio Assets Tripod is a rugged, mid-size tripod that features three-section legs with convenient quick-release, leg locks for fast setups. The legs can lock into three (3) distinct angles allowing for a variety of height and stability options. Lastly, a split-shaft center column allows for low-angle shooting.

Cross Arm Assembly:

› Base Mount: 3/8" Female Thread
› Horizontal Sliding Mounts: One 1/4"-20 Male Thread, One 3/8" Male Thread
› End Mounts: One 1/4"-20 Male Thread, One 3/8" Male Thread
Studio Assets Tripod:

› Weight hook at the bottom of the column for attaching sand bags or weights for additional stability.
› 3/8" tripod-head mount
› Built-in spirit level for quick and easy leveling on uneven terrain.
› Max Height w/ Column - 69"
› Folded Length - 25"
› Minimum Height - 9.6"
› Number of Leg Sections - 3
› Maximum Load - 13 lbs
Package Contents
(1x) Cross Arm Assembly

(1x) Studio Assets Tripod (SA1464)

Outside Dimensions No
Inside Dimensions No
Product Weight (lb) 9 lbs
Material No
Manufacturer Studio Assets