Vendor: Elinchrom

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• Built-in EL-Skyport receiver for Radio triggering
• EL-Skyport with 8 Frequency Channels with 4 Groups
• EL-Skyport Speed Sync mode for synchronization up to a 1/320 s on enabled SLR cameras
• Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of D-Lite ONE RX with speedlights
• Power Auto-dump
• 5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras
• Automatic temperature controlled ventilation
• Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modeling lamp comes on to confirm the flash has been triggered
• Proportionality adjustment of the modeling lamp range
• Programmable ready beep function
• Radio Remote Control of flash power settings, Modeling lamp on/off, Speed sync mode and Triggering
• Take full control of your units settings with the EL-Skyport App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the optional Wi-Fi module
• Additional features can be found when used with the EL-Skyport Software such as Flash-Delay for strobing-effects
• Firmware update option
• Accessory bayonet accepting all accessories and Rotalux softboxes up to 135 cm
• Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts

33" Translucent Umbrella
The translucent umbrella produces very soft diffused light when the flash is fired through it. This size is ideally suited for a 1-2 person head shot or a 3x5 foot product setup. Umbrella size should be determined by the size of the subject, as well as the strength of the light supply being used.

Portalite Single Diffuser Square Softbox 66cm
Portalite is an entry-level softbox system with great light performance and fits to all Prolinca and Elinchrom flash units since 1974. The Portalite diffuser and black-silver tissue are the same quality materials used for Rotalux but priced to budget. The EL Speed-Ring and rods are re-designed and the result is a softbox better stability and is easier to assemble. This single diffuser softbox is available in 66 x 66 cm size.

Reflector 16 cm 90deg. - Designed to give a wide even coverage, excellent for copy work and umbrellas.

EL-Skyport Transmitter SPEED
The ELS Transmitter Speed enables the triggering of units attached via a Universal Skyport module, all units with built-in Skyport and all Elinchrom units to which a Transceiver RX is attached. The additional control of power settings and modeling lamp on/off can be achieved on all Elinchrom units with built-in Skyport RX (D-lite RX One, D-lite RX 2/4, BRX 250/500 and Ranger Quadra Hybrid) and on

Tripod Set 3
Three sections extend to a height of 235 cm. Ideal for use with all major brands of studio lighting, these tripod are recommended to support lights with medium size softboxes.

Tube Bag for D-Lite RX ONE
This hard-shell bag offers good protection to compacts of 19 cm long. For instance, three D-Lite RX ONE can easily fit into this elegant and modern bag. This case is included in every D-Lite RX ONE To Go set.

Sync Cable PC-3.5 / 5 m
This synchron cable connects a camera or a flash meter with PC sync to any flash unit with a 3.5 mm sync plug.


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