Elegant Black and White Wedding Photography

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he wedding business is bigger than ever. Today's weddings are grander, more formal, more elegant-and more expensive. This trend is mirrored in the wedding photography business, where photographers are now being chosen for their high-quality, artful black-and-white photography with only some colour photography being requested. To cash in on this trend, the successful photographer needs to deliver the classic look today's brides and grooms want in both posed and photojournalistic styles. And it's often accomplished with black-and-white photography that is elegant and timeless. In this valuable guide, a leading wedding photographer demonstrates, step by step, how to produce memorable elegant black-and-white wedding photography that sells. From basic technique, philosophy, and practice to style, procedure, and business concerns, readers will see how to master this latest facet in the art of wedding photography. Brimming with lush examples from the author's own work, this is the must-have A-Z reference for anyone interested in creating stylish, sophisticated wedding photos that will be treasured for a lifetime. - Filled with stunning black-and-white photography - The wedding business is booming: and millions a year are spent on wedding photography - Author is an award winning professional in the field of wedding photography - A complete and comprehensive A-Z guide to black-and-white wedding photography