Epoque ERX-C1010 X-2 Underwater Housing for Canon EOS Rebel XSi 450D SLR Came...

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The Epoque ERX-C1010 X-2 housing is for the Canon EOS Rebel XSi (450D) digital camera. It is a stylish and durable polycarbonate housing for anyone looking to pursue underwater digital photography with the flexibility and quality of an SLR camera. The housing allows use of your digital camera while exploring the underwater world at depths up to 150' (45m).

Designed for the novice, the housing's many features will appeal to the experienced underwater photographer as well. This housing will operate most of the controls on your camera.

Using an external flash will bring back the natural color that is lost underwater. The housing features a Nikonos style bulkhead for connecting strobes with a sync cord.

You can also pop up the camera's built-in flash. This allows you to use Epoque underwater strobes with their built-in slave trigger.

Five interchangeable lens ports (required accessory) allow use of the macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses best suited for underwater photography.