F&V BMC Cage | Basic 108116020201

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F&V BMC Cage | Basic 108116020201

The F&V BMC Cage strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight while increasing the versatility of your 2K or 4K Black Magic Cinema Camera. The BMC Cage has many threaded 1/4-20" & 3/8"-16 mounting points making it is easy to customize the BMC Cage with a variety of accessories such as EVF's, monitors, recorders and battery plates. The BMC Cage comes with a standard 15mm LWS Rail Block allowing you to mount accessories such an F&V Follow Focus, matte box, lens support and even F&V's R-300 Ring Light! (15mm rails not included)


  • Bottom-Mounted 15mm LWS Rail Block
  • Numerous 1/4-20" & 3/8"-16 tap-ins
  • Adds Protection and Mounting Points to your BMC 2K/4K or Pocket Camera
  • CNC Machined
  • Removable Bottom Mounted 15mm LWS Block


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