F&V Loupe for SpectraHD 4 108019010201

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F&V Loupe for SpectraHD 4 108019010201

The F & V Loupe allows for optimal viewing the SpectraHD 4 LCD screen by completely enclosing and shading the display. Whether shooting in bright environments or when shooting with the camera over your shoulder, this loupe makes it easy to see your screen with precision. High quality optics gives you a crystal clear view of the SpectraHD's 1280x720px display. A focusable diopter allows adjustment for different eye types and the optical pieces can be replaced for shooters with stronger eye prescriptions. The loupe can swing up and down, as well as it can be easily and quickly removed.


  • Offers complete isolation of SpectraHD 4 screen
  • High quality optics with adjustable diopter
  • Optics can be replaced for varying eye prescriptions
  • Replaceable UV filter protects optics from damage and dirt
  • Optics will not damage the LCD display with incoming sunlight
  • Flip up or down with top hinge
  • Quick and easy to remove from SpectraHD 4 housing


Package Contents:

(1) x Loupe for SpectraHD 4
(1) x UV Optical Filter
(1) x Cap for UV Optical Filter