F&V MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI 108010070201

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F&V MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI 108010070201

The F&V MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI is a rugged 7" monitor with a vibrant 1024 x 600px display. The MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI has a 170-degree viewing angle, 8-bit color depth and a 800:1 contrast ratio which makes it an ideal monitor not only for reference but also for focus pulling.

The MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI has a lightweight and strong aluminum body with four 1/4"-20 thread-ins, one on each of its four side. The MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI has both HDMI IN and OUT as well as SDI IN and OUT with the ability to loop through. The SDI input supports 3G/HD/SD.

The base software that accompanies the MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI software includes: focus peaking, variable scan modes and adjustable frame guides. An optional hardware upgrade, available at the time of purchase or anytime down the road, will allow for the MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI to have advanced software functionality which includes: pattern generator, false color, range error, histogram and audio columns. The MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI will be capable of future firmware upgrades via its integrated mini-USB input.

The MeticaFM 7 HDMI+SDI has several available power options: a Sony NP-F battery plate, a DC2.5mm jack and Mini-XLR. The Mini-XLR can also be used for multi-camera shoots to receive a tally signal from the switch-board, illuminating the monitor's integrated Tally Light.



  • 7" LCD Display with 1024x600px Resolution
  • 800:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 170-degree Viewing Angle
  • 4x 1/4"-20 Mounting Options (one on each side)
  • Multiple Power Options: Sony NP-F, DC2.5mm, Mini-XLR
  • Professional Software
  • Basic and Advanced Software Options