F&V MG3 Hinged Follow Focus - Single Unit 108120030101

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F&V MG3 Hinged Follow Focus - Single Unit 108120030101

 The Follow Focus MG-3 allows you to work quickly and efficiently. With features such as a hinged arm and a 15mm snap-on rail mount, this follow focus delivers ergonomic design for the professional. Where others may prove cumbersome, the simplicity of the MG-3 shines.

Snap-on Rail Mount

The Follow Focus Advanced 1 mounts onto standard 15mm rod systems. It's mounting system features two thumb screws: one for tightening the system to the rods and another that allows you to adjust the lateral movement of the gear box - either closer or farther away from the lens.

Hinged Arm

The hinged arm allows for ease of use with a variety of lenses and rig setups. Simple adjustments of the arm accomodate varying lens heights, and additionally make swapping out lenses much easier.


Aluminum Build

Snap-on 15mm Rail Mount

Reversible Gear Box

Ideal for Video and Photography

Interchangeable Drive Gear

Removable Focus Marking Disc

Adjustable Focus Marker


Materials: Aluminum

Rail Mount Size: 15mm

Rail Mount Distance: 60mm

Package Contents

(1) x MG-3 Follow Focus

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