F&V R720 Lumic Daylight LED Ring Light

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F&V R720 Lumic Daylight LED Ring Light

F&V SKU: 11815002 | Helix SKU: FV11815002



The R720 has a 290mm center opening that allows it to be used with any size cinema lens. Mounting options for 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio ensure that the R720 will seamlessly integrate into your professional cinema work flow. A 5/8" mounting option allows you to attach the R720 to a stand which is ideally suited for photographers.

Reap all the benefits the R720 has to offer. When you're not in need of a ring light, the incredible power of the 720 LEDs allows you to use the light off camera as a standalone LED fixture. A soft box accessory allows you to shape and soften your light for a wide variety of applications. Additionally, the unit can be powered by two NP-F Li-ion batteries which means you can take it anywhere you go.

Due to its large size, the R720 not only creates gorgeous catchlights in the eyes of your talent, but also it wraps around their face with even, beautiful illumination. The R720 does not come standard with Independent Quadrant Control. In order to unlock this feature, as well as Wi-Fi control, you must upgrade the control module on your R720.

290mm Center Opening: With a center opening of 290mm the benefit of the R720's large form factor is two fold. Not only will the R720 work with the largest cinema lenses, but also it will create large, beautiful catchlights in the eye of your subject.

Battery Powered: The R720 is the perfect companion on the road. The unit can be powered by two small NP-F Li-ion batteries. You can even power the unit with one battery and the R720 will precisely adjust the number of illuminated LEDs to 360.

19mm and 15mm Support: The R720 was built with the professional cinematographer in mind. Industry standard mounting options will allow the R720 to be used for productions both big and small.

Wi-Fi & Quadrant Upgrade: Upgrade the control module on your R720 to unlock the Wi-Fi & Independent Quadrant Control functionality.